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But in a Wholesale NHL Jerseys week in which an especially expensive terrible call once again wholesale vikings jerseys thrust bad CFL officiating into an uncomfortable spotlight, I thought it was worth a deep dive into why this issue is such a steady drumbeat, year after year.

The reverse is also true: offensive penalties such as holding are 35 per cent more common if they are run in front of the defensive team bench. a sideline bias in the NFL is real, and it spectacular.”

Just as interesting as those lopsided numbers is the fact the bias appears only in the area between the 32 yard lines, which is where NFL coaches and players are allowed to stand.

“It why we laugh longer in the presence of other humans laughing, why we eat more in the presence of overweight company, and why our judgment of persuasive speeches is influenced by the audience reaction.”

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Now, none of this explains that illegal contact penalty that cost Kuldys a million bucks. That flag was thrown on the Argos side of the field, and well downfield, long past the bench where Toronto coaches and players were standing.

Numerous studies of everything from Premier League soccer to the NHL to the NBA to the NFL have found the biggest single driver of home field advantage in professional sports is the effect the fans in the stands have on the referees.

The studies have shown home teams in every sport consistently have a statistically meaningful advantage over visitors in terms of penalty calls. The studies have shown the bigger and louder the hometown crowd, the more pronounced that bias. The studies have even shown the proximity of the stands to the field influence bias: the closer fans are to the field, the bigger the referee bias towards the home team.

In one United Kingdom soccer study, researchers found home teams that played in stadiums with running tracks that separated the stands and fans from the field and officials had more calls go against them than teams that played in stadiums without running tracks.

Add it all up and it is probably not entirely a coincidence the Argos had a touchdown called back in a game played in the home of the Blue Bombers at Investors Group Field.

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Memo to Bombers fans: you matter, perhaps more than you knew.

Indeed, it is probably also not entirely a coincidence a Bombers team that has played two of its three games so far this season at home is also the CFL leader Womens San Francisco 49Ers Jerseys Cheap Custom/Vintage/Authentic right now by a mile in fewest penalties.

The disciplined Bombers play or, at least, a lack of calls against them has been no small contributor in the team 2 1 record heading into Friday contest in Vancouver against the Lions.

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